Key notes of Kais Saied first Presidential Speech

Today, October 23rd, the President-elect Kais Saied gave oath in font of the parliament. These are key notes of his first presidential speech.

  • The people of Tunisia invented new ways of a revolution in total respect of the legitimacy of laws and constitution and not against it.
  • It is an unprecedented cultural revolution, it is not books of leaflets, it is the explosion of an awareness, that took shape after a long silence. It is the realization of the people that he can reorient his destiny.
  • Tunisia transitioned from a Law-based-State to a Law-based Society. And Tunisian people genuinely embodied this spirit.
  • It is a historical moment, and a revolution which will shake pr-set political conceptions.
  • We thank all Tunisians that contributed their efforts to the campaign. 
  • Our administration needs to be independent and impartial, and needs to respect  differences. 
  • We will fight the threat of terrorism and a bullet from a terrorist will trigger bursts of bullets from our side. 
  • Fighting poverty is a must and responsibility on our shoulders. 
  • There is no way for unlawful, informal work.
  • No one can steal the freedom that people reclaimed with blood. Not under any banner or circumstance. And those who are nostalgic for a old era are running after a mirage, against the history’s trajectory.
  • No way for a setback in women’s rights. We need to expand them, especially social & economic rights, as the dignity of the people is in the dignity of women.
  • We need to fulfill the hopes of the people for “Jobs, Freedom, and Dignity
  • The people are in need for a new trust relationship between rulers and citizens
  • Those who gave their blood to liberate the country are ready to contribute their work and money to push it forward. And contribute to reduce and limit its debt. 
  • He thank persons in the Tunisian diaspora abroad who said they were ready to donate one day of work to alleviate Tunisian public debt.
  • We stand for just causes, and Palestine in the first place. It is not a position against Jews, we protected them and are ready to do it again, but it’s a position against racism and colonization. Our position is not negotiable under any deal.
  • We carry the same commitment for our international obligations, but the cooperation between Peoples is the most important.
  • We are looking to build a new history in which Humanism is the core value.
  • Coming challenges and responsibilities are big. But the will of the people will help new rulers leave a better country for future generations
  • The president is the symbol of unity and national independence. And no one is better than anyone, only in the love of the country. He shall rise beyond all conflicts. He invites everyone to rally together around national unity, for the benefit of Tunisia.

Find below the video of the full speech.





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